The official uniform for Crew 312 members is the green crew T-shirt and khaki pants, shorts or skirts. The T-shirts are free to members and we ask that they be worn at official events such as ceremonies, when we travel on a trip and during Sunday devotions.

For officers and adult advisors, the uniform we require is the forest-green Venturing blouse/shirt. It’s sold at the Scout Store at the Indian Waters HQ on Betsy Drive, about a half mile on the right from Embassy Suites, right off that frontage road that runs beside I-26. They are open from 9-5 Monday and Wednesday, 9-7 on Tuesday and Thursday and 9-1 on Fridays.

The shirt itself costs $39 (BSA now sells a new shirt that is made of wickable material, so it costs more. I am told it is available for males only but don’t know that to be the case). The patches you will need are the Council patch, the unit patch (312) and the purple international scouting patch. The three will cost $4-5 together.

You will also need to buy the green shoulder loops that go on the uniform epaulets. Don’t ask me why they aren’t   included. The shoulder tabs cost $2.50 for a pair.

The ladies that work at the store can help you if you forget any of this.

If for some reason they don’t sell y our size, you can order through the desk there or directly online. If you order  through the store, you don’t pay any shipping or handling and they will call you when it gets in. The online store is www.Scoutstuff.org.

Once you get this together, the Council shoulder patch is sewed on the top of the left sleeve, the unit number goes directly below it. The purple patch goes above the left pocket, halfway between the pocket and the shoulder seam. Any temporary patch goes on the right pocket. NO PATCH IS SEWN ON THE LEFT POCKET UNLESS YOU ARE AN EAGLE SCOUT. If you earn a permanent membership in the Corps of Discovery or a Totin Chip training patch, they go on the right pocket flap. You can find plastic patch holders at the store if you want to switch out patches or to keep from having to sew more.

Those who earn the Kodiak training medal, either silver or gold, can wear it on the left pocket. Any training “knots,” the square knot patches that run like military ribbons symbolizing medals earned, are worn above the left pocket, stacked three in a row. Any other medals, such as the Venturing Bronze, also are worn just above the left pocket.

Those who earn the interpreter strip (a fairly easy award for those taking a language class in their second year or more) can place it above the right pocket, which also is where a national jamboree patch goes.

Officers will be provided with the officer’s patch, which goes below the unit number on the left sleeve. If any of you earned the VLSC, or the Trained patch, that strip goes on the left sleeve cuff.

You also will be provided with the Quality Unit Award, if we earn it that year, which goes three inches below the flag on the right sleeve. If you receive a special Venturing patch, such as the anniversary patch or the Extreme Venturing patch, they go in between the flag and the Quality Unit or just below the flag. This also is where you can put the white, square Venturing patch sold at the store.

You cannot place any temporary patch anywhere else on the uniform and only BSA or authorized patches can go on the uniform.

What to do with your other patches? Try these ideas: sew them on a red CPO jacket, a blanket, on your backpack, bookbag or another coat or jacket or store them in a notebook or arrange in a shadowbox to hang on the wall.

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