Mrs. Karen Law – “Apenimon” (2007)

I’ve told you the qualifications for youth. But adults also can be honored and tonight we honor two long-time volunteers with the crew. At this time I’d like to ask Karen law to come forward.

I have absolutely no doubt that Karen is feeling uncomfortable right now because she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. She prefers to work behind the scenes. So she is just going to have to squirm the next few minutes.

Karen is our committee treasurer, as well as the mom to two of our members, seth and justin, both eagle scouts and officers or past officers of this crew.

I don’t like handling crew finances, never have. I’m not particularly skilled in money management and so to have a retired state auditor and cpa walk into our midst was a dream come true for me. But she has been for the crew as well.

Karen is responsible for tracking the thousands of dollars that flow through crew accounts each year. Before she arrived about 3-4 years ago, we were operating in the red. When she took over, we established a new dues system and we’ve been in the black ever since.

Now that doesn’t mean she and i always see eye to eye over our spending. She has her role ‘ to manage and watch over our money ‘ and i have mine ‘ to spend it. But i have huge respect for her judgment and abilities.

In addition to tracking crew accounts ‘ the crew savings accounts by the way were her idea a long time ago ‘ Karen also has acted as our travel agent, booking hotels, ski reservations, even plane fares.

Now she has the reputation, primarily from her sons, of being a little on the gruff side. Tax auditors don’t mind that, of course. But Karen has a big heart. She cares a lot about this program and has given many hours of her time to be sure it continues to thrive financially. She’s even chaperoned a campout.

When it came time to think of a name for her, there were many choices that might be appropriate for a tax auditor, such as hammer or thunder. Or even charging bear. And considering her retirement, i also considered the Indian name for she stays at home. But Karen doesn’t stay still or at home much. She is the treasurer for Saxe Gotha Presbyterian church, has been responsible for raising tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Lexington high school band and also is an addicted tennis player. When it comes down to it, the person you select as a treasurer has to be someone you trust. And i trust no one more than Karen. So it is my honor to award her the Indian name Apenimon, which means, worthy of trust.


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