Mrs. Beverley Izett – “Taborri” (2008)

Three years ago, our crew recruited Kristina and got her mom as a bonus. Mrs. Izett has spent the past three years as an associate adviser and her participation has often been the reason we have had outings because without her, the crew would have been without a female chaperone.

It didn’t take long to figure out what a unique individual she was. And i’m not talking about her british accent, or the words that have different meanings. Though i will confess that for a while i only understood about half of what she was saying, sometimes less when she was on the phone with me.

Like Christine, Mrs. Izett says what is on her mind, good bad or indifferent. It took a while for members of the crew to get used to her suggestions, which came in a flurry. Many were environmental or health related. She had a hard time resisting advice on menus, especially with items she saw as unhealthy or in containers that did not recycle.

And if you ever wondered where kristina got her independence, her mom could quickly give you the answer. She often has had a different way of viewing things, whether it’s the route we take, our schedule or what activities we will do on a trip.

Mrs. Izett has never been at a loss for energy and enthusiasm. Well there was that one time she felt drowsey while driving. But most of the time she seems like she is naturally caffeinated. She has so much energy, as a matter of fact, that last year she participated in a triathlon and did well.

But she is being honored not for her unique personality but for her commitment. Crew members who have been active the past three years know that because you saw her, at service activities, (i will never forget her lecturing lazy drivers who insisted on trying to park in handicapped spaces at the dog show) at fundraisers, at meeting after meeting and our monthly outings. She also was one of the female chaperones during our last trip to sea base. And none of that is easy to arrange for a mom with three children at home.

But she went beyond participation. She went through basic venture leader training, received training in other BSA courses and went through first aid and cpr training. Because she always cared, not just about knowing things but about the crew being safe. In fact, i could not count the number of conversations she has had with me over the years about safety.

And she talked about safety because she genuinely cares about the youth in this group. My email storage box is filled with examples of Mrs. Izett passing on her own congratulations or praise to various crew members over the years.

With her husband’s job in Raleigh, her future with us is limited and it is time not only to remember the adventures we shared together, but to thank her for her many contributions to this crew, her zeal, her commitment and wonderful sense of humor.

When it came time to search for an Indian name for her, there were many choices but one seemed to ring true. Mrs. Izett is not a quiet individual as anyone who has ever met her can attest, but also not one whose words lack purpose. More often than not, her voice is heard, not for its British accent, but for the message she wants to convey. So it is my honor tonight, to award you the native American name, ‘Taborri,’ which means, ‘voice that carries.’ her spirit and her voice will stay with us long after she has left.


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