Jordan Adams – “Uganowa” (2008)

Jordan has been with us for more than three years. He and his perfect hair have been a fixture of our crew in meetings and on outings. He just finished his term as vice president of administration.

The first year folks join I don’t bug them about becoming a leader. But by the time you are in your second year, you know how things work, you feel more comfortable with the crew and it’s easier then to become a leader. But Jordan still resisted.

Something finally clicked in him during his senior year and he ran for the vice president of administration, basically, the second in command. And that is an important job. But Jordan performed an equally important service, one that I don’t want to go unheralded.

Last year I gave the seniors the opportunity and responsibility to choose where to go for this summer’s trip. We had just completed Montana and I knew everyone would have big ideas, which is fine, as long as they are planned. Jordan met with other seniors in the group and they recommended a trip to Puerto Rico.

Now I know what a lot of adults are thinking, well that sounds fun but what about’what you will do when you will get there, where will you stay, how will you find transportation on the island and how much will this cost’ Jordan planned everything down to the smallest detail. It was equisitly planned out. But I think the cost and ambition of it, coming right off the Montana trip, did not appeal to many.

So seeing not a lot of hands going up for this trip, I sent the seniors back to the drawing board for another idea, maybe something a little less costly. Jordan came back with a bike trip in Arizona. Again, well planned. In both cases he did everything I could ask of him.

The bottom line, however, was that the crew was split on the trips and time had run out. Christine stepped in and persuaded the officers to look at a much less expensive and closer trip this summer and to follow a policy from now on of limiting expensive trips to every other summer. But she and others remained in awe of what Jordan had proposed. While ultimately neither trip was selected, Jordan could certainly work at any travel agency.

When it came time to name him, I looked but couldn’t find any reference to hair in the Native American names, which is probably because most Indians had the same hair and wore it the same way.

For the Cherokee, the Medicine Wheel symbolizes the individual journey each must take during their life. Each direction is represented by a color, which are sacred. The circle represents the circle of life. The color for the South is white for peace, happiness and serenity. It also represents the color for summer, a time of plenty.

Jordan has always been among our most friendly crew members, very social and happy most of the time.

So it is my honor tonight, Jordan, to award you the Cherokee name ‘Uganowa,’ which means ‘warm.’


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