David Bailey – “Antinanco” (2014)

And now I’d like David Bailey to come up front.

This has been a busy year for David, as you might have noticed watching the past hour.

I’ve given you the basics about his time with the crew but now it’s time for a little bit more.

One of the things that struck me about David has been his sense of responsibility and leadership.  In fact, for his Eagle statement, he said he thought his life’s purpose was to become a leader.

He’s certainly had a lot of experience, not just with this crew but also in Boy Scouts and in ROTC.  Among some of his positions:  Patrol leader, historian, Order of the Arrow troop representative, assistant senior patrol leader, Senior Patrol Leader, Muscogee Lodge Dance Chairman (this is the name of our local OA group and dance to them is not a sock hop, it’s Native American dancing), Lodge vice chapter chief, National Youth Leadership Training assistant course director ROTC squadron senior NCO, group inspector general, cyberpatriot commander, cadet officer leadership school flight commander.

I hope you noticed something.  David not only has lead plenty of times with different organizations, he’s also taught others how to lead.  He said he learned from the senior patrol leaders from his old troop.  He watched them and how they handled situations.

And he has continued to do that with this crew.  He’s not only taken all the Venturing advanced leadership courses but has turned around and helped teach them.  He’s even offered to help instruct in Kodiak, the week-long leadership course done during a war canoe trek on Lake Murray.

I have found David to be organized, enthusiastic, ambitious, friendly, unflappable and determined.  Those traits have not only helped make him a good leader in our crew but also a good president of the entire Council Venturing program.

Of course, sometimes I have to curb his enthusiasm.  I noticed some time ago when he gets nervous his eyes flutter and he begins talking without necessarily choosing the proper words.  So I worked with him on that and the benefits of taking a deep breath before answering questions in preparation for his Eagle boards of review.

David also likes helping people, one reason he wants to eventually enter the medical profession.  That and his own determination that he is not a “queasy person.”  Ms. Coleman can tell you that’s good, though there is hardly any blood in an operating room any more.  But there is plenty of stuff that makes me queasy.  Good luck with that.

When it came time to name David, I thought of Bacon.  You see, that is a nick-name he earned in summer camp and he likes it.  David does like bacon but Native Americans might look at him strange.  Native Americans were not cannibals.  So I looked for a name that was fitting for both his new home for the next four years, Winthrop, as well as his traits as a leader and his achievements in Scouting.  David will understand this meaning.  So it is my honor tonight David to award you the Mapuche name ANTINANCO, which means, Eagle of the sun.




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