Venture Crew 312 ByLaws

  1. Objectives
    1. To provide fun, outdoor adventure experiences for members
    2. To maintain an active, co-ed membership
    3. To provide service to the sponsor and the community
  2. Membership
    1. Membership shall be open to anyone in the 8th grade or older, or homeschooled, at least 14 years old, but no older than 20 years of age.
    2. Those joining are not considered members until they have completed the BSA application, the Crew 312 Parental Permission Form and paid joining fees,
      currently $60 annually, if paid in two installments, or $50 if paid in one sum.
    3. No prospective member shall be disqualified because of race, color, creed, or sex.
    4. All members must be registered as a Venturer and agree to the Venturing Code and Bylaws.
    5. If members are judged inactive by the Advisor team on Jan. 1 of any year, they shall be dropped from the Crew Roster.
  3. Officers
    1. The elected officers shall be President, Administrative Vice President, Programs Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Any member may run for any office with the exception of any office ending with the word "president." For those offices, candidates must be at least in the 9th grade, or if homeschooled, 15 years of age, and must have been a Venturer for at least one year (school year is sufficient). The President, with approval of the Advisor, shall appoint four other officers: Historian, responsible for the Crew scrapbooks; Quartermaster, responsible for Crew gear; Chaplain’s aide, responsible for assisting in devotions and grace at Crew functions other than campouts; and Crew Liaison, responsible for communications with other Crews, Explorer Posts, Scouting units and attending Venturing roundtable meetings. The duties of the elected Officers shall be as described in the Venturing Leader Handbook.
    2. The normal term of office shall be for six months. The election for treasurer and secretary shall be held three months apart from the election of other officers to maintain some experience within the officer corps. If a quorum is not available at the normal time of elections, the officers shall continue serving until such time as elections can be held. For the purposes of elections, a quorum means one more than half the members.
    3. No member shall serve more than two successive terms in the same office.
    4. On the night of the election, nominations may be presented from the floor by any member. If the nomination is seconded and the candidate agrees to serve, he or she must be included on the ballot.
    5. All contested ballots shall be secret.
    6. In the event of a tie, the election shall be held again. Should no member volunteer to run for an office, the advisors, with the consultation of the Crew President, will appoint a member for that office.
    7. In the event an elected officer resigns his position before his term ends, the advisors shall appoint an interim replacement until the next election.
    8. Crew members running for office must be present on election night, unless they have given the crew notice two weeks or more in advance of their absence, the reason for the absence is approved by an advisor and the candidate has notified the crew the specific office he or she is seeking.
  4. Crew Business
    1. Crew Business will be conducted under the principals outlined in Robert’s Rule of Order.
    2. Voting on all issues will be by simple majority, with the exception of changes or amendments to the bylaws, which will
      require four affirmative votes of the five officers.
    3. All major decisions shall be made by the Crew officers.
  5. Officer’s Meetings
    1. Officer’s Meetings will be held monthly, at the call of the Crew President, who shall also attend Crew adult Committee meetings.
  6. Dues
    1. Dues will be $60 per year, payable in two sums of $30 or one sum of $50.
    2. Members who have not paid their dues within 30 days from the date of dues notice are considered delinquent.
    3. If they still have not paid dues within a week after being considered delinquent, the member shall be suspended and not allowed to participate in any
      Venturing activity other than fundraisers or service projects.
    4. If dues are not paid within six months are being considered delinquent, the member shall be dropped from the Crew Roster.
  7. Money-earning projects
    1. All money earning projects must be approved by a majority vote of Crew Officers.
    2. Members who do not participate in the project are not entitled to any benefits of the funds earned.
    3. All money-earning projects must be approved by the Crew Committee, be submitted to the Indian Waters Council for approval and meet BSA requirements.
  8. Crew Rules
    1. The Crew Conduct Code is adopted as the official regulations for members’ behavior.
    2. The Code can be changed by a majority vote of Crew Officers.
    3. Any change must also be approved by the Crew Committee.
  9. Venturing Driver Requirements
    1. When traveling to a Venturing event under the leadership of an adult (at least 21 years of age) tour leader, a Venturer at least 16 years of age
      may be a driver subject to the following qualifications:

      1. six months driving experience as a licensed driver (time on a learner’s permit or equivalent is not to be counted)
      2. no record of accidents or moving violations
      3. parental permission has been granted to leader, driver, and riders.
    2. Any driver age 16-17 is limited to carrying one passenger.
    3. Drivers age 18-20 are limited to two passengers.
    4. Drivers on any Venturing activity must obey traffic laws, use headlamps or running lights and ensure passengers have seat belts.
    5. Drivers must also follow all of the rules listed in the Crew’s Safe Driving Rules.
  10. Uniforms
    1. Venturing uniforms are optional except for officers and adults.
    2. Officers and adults are asked to obtain a Class A uniform, to be worn at ceremonies, normal meetings, Venturing roundtables,
      conferences and on outings while in public or during devotion.
    3. Other Crew members are encouraged to wear the Crew Tshirt, if available, which may be redesigned once a year by a majority vote of the Crew.
    4. New members do not pay for their first Tshirt.
    5. The official lower half of the Crew uniform is khaki shorts, pants or skirt.
  11. Meetings
    1. Crew meetings will be held weekly in the education building at St. Simon and St. Jude Episcopal Church, from 7-8:30 pm on Thursdays.
    2. Officers may change this meeting time only with the approval of the Crew Committee and church officials.
  12. Bylaws
    1. The Venturing Bylaws may have items added or removed from it at any time with the approval of the adult committee.

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