Advisors’ Award 2011: Peter Sherman

Our next award recognizes a first-year crew member who has most demonstrated leadership, service and spirit in Venturing.  Please help me congratulate this year’s recipient, Peter Sherman.

Most of our award selections this year were difficult and this was no exception.  We had a large group that joined last year and have had some additions this year with Melissa and Kris.  And we had some new members who made immediate contributions, stepping forward to lead and to serve.

Peter is a senior at Dutch Fork and his maturity and leadership were spotted right away, along with his close-cropped hair cut.  He also has been among our most active members, both on our outdoor outings and service activities.

Like many members, he took a stab at running for office and was unsuccessful.  But both Rachel and Lillian saw value in him and he was appointed quartermaster last December, a job that he quickly mastered and made a difference.

Our shed at the time was less than organized.  And with all the equipment we have and the fact that the shed is owned by the Boy Scout troop, keeping everything straight is a constant and important chore.  He came in on his own time and quickly organized our equipment.

Peter took advanced leadership training and is qualified to take Kodiak, the Council’s war canoe and leadership training trek on Lake Murray.

But he won’t be there because he decided some time ago that he would serve his country in the Marines and will be enjoying the hospitality of Paris Island this summer.

I want to say a few words about that because choosing to enlist in the Marines right now is not a decision to be taken lightly.  We are at war and Marines have no illusions about their job or the risks they are taking.

But Peter is willingly giving himself to serve his nation.  In doing so, he is answering the highest call of duty
to this country’s citizens.  We sleep safely at night because of the hundreds of thousands of young men and women who choose, like Peter, to serve in uniform to keep this nation safe and free.  And I want to say thank you, in advance, for the sacrifice and service you will provide.

Not everyone who joins us has the maturity, leadership traits and willingness to serve that Peter has shown.  But I am grateful for his membership this year and proud to declare him the recipient of the 2011 Advisors’ Award.


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