Awards List

For those interested in achieving an award while having fun in Venturing, these are the current possibilities:

  • The Venturing Bronze Award – This award is the foundation of three other Venturing awards. You choose one of five subject areas: outdoors, sports, religious life, arts and hobbies or sea scout. You can work on one or all of them. Each requires completion of four core subject area requirements and two electives listed in the Handbook. Each of these areas has 5-15 requirements. Some involve simple participation in an activity, while others require completion of a task or explaining something to the satisfaction of an adult. Many also require that you teach something you learned to the Crew or another group.
  • The Venturing Gold – This is the next award, requiring leadership, service projects, and development of personal goals in leadership, fitness, service, the outdoors and family/community.
  • The Venturing Silver – This is the highest of the three, requiring more leadership and training in standard first aid and CPR.
  • The Ranger Award – This requires the Bronze, then completion of six more of the outdoor requirements.
  • The Young American Award – This medal is for youth who are at least 15 and have demonstrated excellence in any of the following areas: academics, athletics, art, business, community service, religion, music, humanities or literature. Candidates must have an above-average grade point average and have demonstrated service to the community "which adds to the quality of life." Only one of these per area is given out each year.
  • The BSA Physical Fitness Award – Youth must undergo a cardiovascular assessment by their doctor, explain fitness to the Crew, explain heat and cold-related illnesses, develop and carry out a fitness plan.
  • The Quest Award – This is another sports and fitness award. Requires earning the Venturing Bronze award in sports, completing Red Cross Sports Safety Training, learning and doing a fitness assessment, then completing one of the elective requirements in the areas of health, sports or fitness.
  • The World Conservation Award – Requires completion of the Venturing Ecology elective, which requires explaining some ecological concepts, conducting an environmental study of a local area, reporting the results of that study to the Crew and talking to the Crew about ecology.
  • Religious Awards – These are recognized by Scouting but actually are completed in individual churches. Each denomination has its own requirements for this award and some have different awards based upon grade level. Each usually involves some study of church and religious concepts, participation in church activities, knowledge of church governance and worship, and completion of some service to the church.
  • The United States Heritage Award – This requires completion of a worksheet on American history and civics questions and participation in some community service.

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