Outstanding Officer of the Year 2017: Chance Street

The Outstanding Officer of the Year Award is presented to the Venturer who, in the view of the advisors, has most demonstrated leadership, service and spirit while serving as a Venturing officer.

Now normally this is a tough choice to make. We often have two presidents during the school year. Our crew has a legacy of a deep leadership and often more than 12 youth serve as officers.

So selecting a winner is rarely easy. Please help me congratulate this year’s recipient,  Chance  Street.

This is Chance’ s second year with us. Last year he served as our crew guide before he was elected late last year as our vice president of program.

This is a very demanding job, responsible for making arrangements with parks when we camp and the details that go into meetings.

And Chance has done a good job and has remained extremely involved. At Legacy, he placed third in a 5K race.

He was one of our Appalachian Trail hikers last year and in case you missed  it, his trail name was “Sure.”  Now normally,  trail names are more  descriptive  but his was a teasing reminder that Chance is a young man of   few words.   Apparently, his most common response on the trail was  “sure.”

That’s not to say he doesn’t express himself.  He loves the eye roll and to shake his head dismissively, as in ” I can’t believe what you just said, Jenna.”

Last year, he received the Advisor’ s Award because the adults noticed he had a knack for helping others, a trait we like to  encourage.

This year, that has continued. He serves quietly but often is involved in making sure things  get done.

“Even though he’s quiet and can easily slip under the radar,” one adult observed, “he always engages those directly when he is queried or spoken to and he performs the duty of his office efficiently with little to no supervision required. ”

Of course, next time we book a ballgame, Chance, we want to be sure they are playing at home.

For his excellent leadership, spirit and service to the crew, I am proud to declare Chance our 2017 Officer of the  Year!



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