Advisors’ Award 2017: Lillian Frey

Our first superlative award tonight is called the Advisor’s Award. The award is presented to a first-year member who has shown the most promise in leadership, service and spirit in Venturing. I’d like the recipient to come forward now, Lillian Frey.

Lillian joined us last year, although as Isaac’s younger sister she has been exposed to Venturing for years.

One of the many things I love about Lillian is how she has faced her fears with us. Not everyone who joins is comfortable with doing all we do. Some are afraid of crawling in tight spaces or dislike carrying a pack while walking or don’t like weather extremes.

One of Lillian’s first campouts with us actually occurred before she was a member, when she came with her mom and brother on our trip to Stone Mountain last year. Climbing that mountain was not easy for her but she made it and she has similarly faced down other obstacles in our trips.

Most recently, she was a bit nervous about our raft trip, not knowing what to expect on the river. She asked lots of questions, afraid she would fall out. She didn’t and had a  blast.

Before we rafted one of the guides helped us wait by showing us a new toy, called one wheel. It looks like a plank over a wheel. The idea is you sort of balance your feet and lean, making the wheel take you where you want. All of the youth had gone except Lily, who was anxious about falling. Savannah coaxed and prodded and she tried it and smiled afterward that she had once again tried something new.

Lillian became our secretary last year and has been excellent at her job. Part of her job involves creating shopping lists for our trips and she usually is paired with Savannah, our treasurer, in buying the food. Together, they do great work in and changing menus.

But what distinguishes her from the group is her attitude. Lili is almost always cheerful and enthusiastic. She smiles a lot and enjoys this group. She is friendly to  all, except maybe her brother.

One of the requirements for the Venture Award we added this year was to write a note about what they liked most about Venturing and what they wanted to see more of next year.

Here was Lillian’s response:

“I liked how everyone, no matter what their religion or gender, can venture out and do once in a lifetime things that may be scary doing at first but then after it is totally worth it and you can say you did it later. Next year I hope to face some of my “irrational” fears and enjoy the amazing experiences and views I get to see. I want to experience nature as a whole. Kinda .”

For her leadership, tremendous attitude and service to the crew, I am proud to declare Lili our 2017 Advisor’s Award recipient.


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