Advisors’ Award 2016: Chance Street

Our first superlative award tonight is called the Advisor’s Award. The award is presented to a first-year member who has shown the most promise in leadership, service and spirit in Venturing. I’d like the recipient to come forward now, Chance Street.

Chance joined us last year and has shown extraordinary growth in the past year. When he joined us, he also liked to pal around with some other first-year members. He declined his first opportunity at leadership but he remained one of our most active youth.

He has been on most of our trips and was our most active hiker. It’s no coincidence that he is signed up to  go on our trip on the  Appalachian  Trail.

He currently serves as crew guide, the officer who assists with any needs of first­ year members. I expect his leadership roles to grow if he stays with us.

Now Mr. Harrison would probably point out that Chance, who he likes to call Chase because he’s Mr. Harrison and doesn’t like to remember people’s names and also because he’s Mr. Harrison, does a better job of rolling his eyes than most youth he has ever seen. There is just this skill he has. We’re both thinking Chance has a future in the dramatic arts.

But on the serious side, Chance is one of the most helpful members of the crew. What cinched this award for me was on a trip I noticed Gia struggling with taking down a tent and not knowing how to properly pack it up. None of the adults said anything but Chance came over and helped her.

During our most recent trip, it seemed like he was always cooking over the stove, whether it  was breakfast  or dinner.  He was there.  Not making a big deal of  it.

Just stepping in and doing what was needed when it was needed and helping others in the process.

That is exactly what we want young leaders to do in this crew.

Chance’s name means good fortune and he has certainly done his part to bring that to the crew.

For his helpfulness, active participation and leadership, it is my honor to award Chance this year’s Advisors’ Award.


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