Outstanding Crew Member 2014: David Bailey

One of the most special awards we give out each year is the Outstanding Crew Member of the Year.  It’s awarded to that crew member who has most demonstrated outstanding leadership, service and spirit.  Someone who lives the Venturing Oath each day.  What makes this award so special is that it is that the winner is selected by secret ballot by the youth, not the adults.

Please help me congratulate this year’s winner, David Bailey.

One of the common characteristics of  recipients of this award is that they easily could have been awarded most of the other superlative awards tonight.  And that’s true with David.

He could have received the Growth Award for his improvements this year, officer of the year for all the leadership he has shown, Public Service Award because of  all the time he devoted to community service this year and Spirit Award for his enthusiasm at what we do and willingness to help anyone.

David is serving his second term as our first vice president.  He’s also served this year as the president of the Council’s Venturing Officers Association.

He also earned his Eagle Scout rank this year, the pinnacle award of Scouting.  I’ll say a bit more about David in a few minutes but I want to explain some reasons why David is standing before you.

His leadership duties have been anything but easy.  The first vice president must oversee recruiting. As it happened last year, our recruiting drive in the schools was expanded from two to four schools. And it coincided with the start of his Eagle project, building a deluxe deck at a community park near Chapin.

But David is pretty unflappable and didn’t let the double mammoth tasks unsettle him.  Sometimes leadership is like that.  And when you are willing to take on so much, your peers notice.

Being a leader in this crew means you understand the concept of servant leadership.   That means serving the people you lead, not having them serve you.  David understands that.  And the crew understands that about David.

For his service to others, for his outstanding sense of responsibility and leadership,  I am proud to proclaim David our 2014 Outstanding Crew Member of the Year.



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