Spirit in Venturing Award 2014: Isaac Frey

Our next award is for the Crew member who has most demonstrated the spirit of Venturing, an enthusiasm for all activities, a mindset for adventure, a willingness to go on any outing and not to complain when circumstances aren’t sunny and warm.  Please help me welcome this year’s recipient, Isaac Frey.

Isaac is another one of our first-year members.  He volunteered to be a quartermaster last year and then was appointed Chaplain’s Aide in January.

I have to tell you that among the many endearing qualities of Isaac is that he knows who Christopher Walken is.  Not many youth do.  In fact, he not only knows who he is he also does a great impression of him.  That alone would probably earn him this award from me since I am a huge Christopher Walken fan.

Isaac’s Christopher Walken might appear at any time, such as rafting down the Nulichucky River.  He kept Mr. Young and I quite amused in our raft.  And he kept the whole crew amused that night around the campfire.

When I first talked to Isaac about being Chaplain’s Aide, I asked him what he would be comfortable with, since not everyone who takes that job wants to do devotions.  He very nonchalantly told me he would do them and it was no big deal.  And that confidence and spirit are reflected in everything he does with the crew.

I remember our show and tell this year.  Isaac did a film about himself.  That takes a lot of confidence and a lot of spirit.  He has a special self-deprecating sense of humor, willing to poke fun at himself.

Isaac has done a good job in developing his own devotions.  Every new member has to find their way.  Isaac has and I hope Christopher Walken stays with us for a very long time.

For all those reasons, I am proud to declare Isaac our 2014 Spirit in Venturing Award recipient.

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