Advisors’ Award 2014: Anna Speare

Our first superlative award recognizes a first-year crew member who has most demonstrated leadership, service and spirit in Venturing.  Please help me congratulate this year’s recipient, Anna Speare.

Most of our award selections this year were difficult and this was no exception.  We did not have a large group that joined last year but most of those who remain have contributed to the crew, including Anna.

She is the younger sister of Austen, our crew president and is serving her second term as crew secretary, an elected position.

The first time Anna ran for secretary Austen campaigned for her.  The second time he didn’t need to.

The secretary is one of the most critical positions in the crew.  They are responsible for contacting members with all sorts of information during the year and it’s not always an easy task.  Some of you don’t answer your phones. Most don’t read their email and many of you forget whatever is said in meetings the minute you walk out the door.

The secretary also must monitor what is going on our Facebook page and website, take notes at officer meetings and make a shopping list for campouts.

It’s not written in her job description but Anna also advises her brother.  It seems many times during my phone calls with Austen, I’ll ask a question and he’ll turn to his sister fior the answer.  Like they say with adults, behind every good CEO is a good secretary.

A couple of interesting facts about Anna.  One is that she loves to eat. Lots of youth do but Anna can eat her weight in food without any of it sticking to her.  I remember being at Moe’s with her and her brother for an officer’s meeting, I think, and Austen was concerned because he had forgotten his money or something so I said I would pay for he and his sister.  Anna said she wasn’t that hungry.  I looked down the table at her later and she was putting away a good amount of food.  She also hates shoes.  If she had her way she would never wear them.  They don’t stay on her feet at school any more than they do at crew meetings.

Anna is good at her job, active in the crew, keeps a smile on her face and oh, yes, she has some of the same musical talent of her brother, playing first chair violin at her school.

For her excellence in leadership, service and spirit, I am proud to declare her the recipient of the 2014 Advisors’ Award.






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