Spirit in Venturing 2013: Brooklyn Pack

Our next award is for the Crew member who has most demonstrated the spirit of Venturing, an enthusiasm for all activities, a mindset for adventure, a willingness to go on any outing and not to complain when circumstances aren’t sunny and warm.  Please help me welcome this year’s recipient, Brooklyn Pack.

I think it’s kind of neat that both she and Katrina are up here tonight.  Both joined at the same time and stepped up to become leaders.

Brooke ran for and won the post for vice president of program, a pretty heady feat for a new member.  She now serves as our secretary.

One of the things I loved about Brooke when she first joined and still love about her is her spirit. She has these eyes wide as saucers, as if she has been drinking coffee all day and can’t wait for whatever she is doing next.

She’s just not okay with what we are doing, she’s EXCITED!  When she talks to the crew about something, it’s with enthusiasm.  Beside Cyrus, if I had an award for best announcing, it would go to Brooke, because she brings energy to whatever she is talking to the crew about, whether she is filling in details about a future event or directing them in a game.

And you can’t help but listen to Brooke because if you don’t, she’ll call you out.  This is someone who understands what a sense of command is all about.  She doesn’t shrink from the spotlight nor from challenges.

When the crew officers last September were kicking around ideas about what to do next year, Brooke developed the idea of a surfing instruction weekend, something no one had ever tried before in our crew.  She got on the phone, located an outfitter and made plans.  I had hoped the crew would embrace the idea, just to watch her ride a surfboat but it didn’t work out.  But she pushed the idea and that has been her value to us.

When we had to do show and tell, she couldn’t be there because of dance, but she went ahead with Katrina and designed a fun dance number and uploaded it to YouTube, which we then played for the crew.

When we talk about the things that are important to the crew, we mention leadership and service.  But spirit is an equally important component of Venturing.  Without it, what we do isn’t fun and no one will participate.

Said one adult, “Brooke always seems to be up-toned, cheerful, energetic and creates an interest in any activity she is involved with.”

Brooke makes things fun and reminds everyone that life is meant to be enjoyed, not just lived.

For all those reasons, I am proud to declare Brooklyn Pack our 2013 Spirit in Venturing Award recipient.


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