Advisors’ Award 2010: Lexie Penwell

Our next award recognizes a crew member who has joined in this
last year who has most demonstrated leadership, service and spirit in
Venturing. Please help me congratulate this year’s recipient, Lexie

Out of all of our selections, this one was probably the easiest
and was unanimous among the advisor team. I remember Lexie’s dad telling
me sometime last fall that she liked all the outing activities chosen by
the officers. And that has shown because it is very rare that we are
doing something and Lexie is not there.

I have found her to be extraordinarily active, intelligent,
strong, up for any challenge, friendly, with a quirky sense of humor.
Just ask any of the guys she has written on.

Lexie has been a passionate supporter of Venturing and the crew
ever since she joined. From Aquatics to rock climbing, caving, skiing
and backpacking, Lexie has shown huge enthusiasm for all our activities.

It’s rare we don’t see her for service projects or at meetings.
She was one of only three crew members to help put on endless games of
blind kickball for Cub Scouts at the Council camporee last fall. Her
broad smile is always present around the crew and she is eager to join
in any challenge or adventure. She will be on our Appalachian Trail trip
in June and has signed up for Kodiak, the advanced leadership training
war canoe trek on Lake Murray, in July.

And, of course, it was Lexie who I had in mind when I signed the
crew up for Florida Sea Base next summer, since she has been an avid
sailor since she was small.

Not only has Lexie been active and enthusiastic, she also agreed
to serve as a crew leader during her first year, becoming crew historian
in December. As historian, Lexie is responsible for our scrapbooks, crew
website and Facebook site. She drafted rules which we have posted on the
Facebook site to let users know what standards we have and the purpose
of the site.

Not everyone who we recruit in this crew stays active or becomes
a leader. Lexie is what we adults hope for whenever new members join. I
am proud to declare her the recipient of our 2010 Advisor’s Award.


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