Spirit in Venturing Award 2006: Leo Iniquez

Our next award is the spirit in venturing award, which is for that crew member we feel has most demonstrated an enthusiastic spirit, a positive attitude, an outstanding friendliness and willingness to help others. Please help me congratulate our winner this year, Leo Iniquez.

Leo came to us two years ago. Right away, everyone could tell he was different. For one thing he can speak in fluent french. He also can memorize entire movie scripts. But he is also unusually polite. Leo always says hello. And there usually is a handshake to go with his greeting. I’ve never seen him when he doesn’t shake my hand and say, “hello, Mr. Smith. How are you?”

He has enjoyed everything we have done. When we went horseback riding, we wore a cowboy hat. When we went gem mining, he kept every rock he found and wondered what each was. When we go indoor rock climbing, he doesn’t give up until he has tried his best to reach the top of every wall he starts.

One of my favorite memories of Leo was when the crew played a game during a meeting in which members came in the room pretending to be someone or something the crew had to identify. Leo played a hyena and did such a great job he had the crew in stitches. That’s another thing we love about Leo – his laugh. He doesn’t laugh halfway.

Leo genuinely cares about others. If someone is hurt or upset, he is quick with a consoling word.

For all his kindness, his friendliness and wonderful attitude, i am proud to award Leo our 2006 spirit of venturing award. Congratulations!

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