Outstanding Officer of the Year 2006: Brice Reynolds

The next award is for the outstanding officer of the year, which is a significant award give the fact that we have 10 officers at any one time and elections several times a year. It takes a lot to get elected, even more to serve well in one term. And to serve two terms well is worthy of recognition. Please join with me in congratulating this year’s winner, Brice Reynolds.

Brice is no stranger to being honored for his leadership, having won this award two years ago as a vice president for program. This month he completed his second term as president, the most successful tenure in our crew’s history. Under his leadership, our membership grew, we carried out the most ambitious service project I’ve ever seen as well as the most fundraising activities in the crew’s history. Our activity schedule has been full and varied and we will cap it all off in three weeks with a long-planned trip to sea base. And i should mention that Brice also was elected to lead that trip.

Last year i pointed out that it is highly unusual for a youth leader to be both well liked and well respected. Brice is both. I used to think it was the hair. But since he cut it last year, i have to conclude that it may be due more to his wit and leadership skills, which are impressive.

Brice is as dedicated to this crew as anyone could be. He is at almost every activity. When we kept having to visit more and more stores for the youth tobacco campaign, Brice volunteered, even though it was far from his favorite thing to do.

The BSA earlier this year recognized his leadership skills as well, bestowing on him the national venturing leadership award.

No one in this crew knows how much work he does outside of meetings, nor how much he means to the success of this crew, as much as i do.

For all his hard work, his leadership, his sense of responsibility and dedication, we proudly award Brice the 2006 outstanding officer of the year. Congratulations!

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